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Eye Love You

Ah, the eyes. Every time I generate one of those Wordle clouds for a story, they loom large, in huge serif font. I mention eyes a lot.

And why wouldn't I? Windows to the soul with the extraordinary function of darkening when desire strikes, they inhabit a unique place in erotic romance writing. So here's to the whites, the irises, the pupils, the lids, the lashes, the brows. Any colour, any size.

I'm particularly taken with the velvety brown numbers on the cover of my current novella, Sempre. Can you imagine those fixing you in their beam while those lips murmur, "Mi amore." Cos I can. And I do!

To win a copy of this story of operatic passions in Rome, just come and see me at my blog: - I'm running a competition.

Happy Valent-eye-nes!


Lisabet Sarai said...

I have to agree, Justine!

Luscious - and quintessentially Italian!

Congratulations on the release!


Justine Elyot said...

Thank you so much, Lisabet. He is delizioso (if that's a real Italian word - possibly not).