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I surrender!

There seems to be several threads that run through many of my stories. One of those threads is connected to control and losing control. I really enjoy writing about a character being pursued, wooed and seduced. I like to make my character (usually the female, but not always) reluctant at first and to have all her doubts and fears striped away by lust and love.

You can see this in Sweet Surrender quite clearly. Here's an excerpt for you to enjoy.

Sorry.” His voice spoke beside her, his breath ruffling her hair.

She was startled as she felt his hand on her back, and saw his face bent in close to hers.

“I see things in black and white. I know it’s not always so straight forward.”

“S’ok” She shrugged away from him. “I wasn’t upset.”

He wouldn’t move away from her despite her attempt, and soon she felt her side rubbing against the rough brickwork of the seawall.

“The way I see, you and me is straight forward. We have chemistry and I want to act upon that. I want to lean forward and capture your lips and kiss you ‘til you can’t breathe, and that is only the very beginning of what I want to do.”

She let out a shuddering breath. Taken completely off guard, her wanton body reacted to the suggestions in his voice. She tilted her pelvis up to rub against his, and her hand, originally raised to push him away, landed passively on his shoulder, encouraging him.

“And I know, if I leaned forward now, I could kiss you, and I could feel your body and I could fuck you right here and right now.”

She wanted him, and she tightened her grip on his shirtsleeve, wanting to pull him in, wanting him to fulfil all those sexy promises.

“But I won’t. I won’t until you ask me to. Do you want me to kiss you?”

His lips were so close to hers that she could already feel the force of the kiss. She nodded her head ever so slightly.

“Ask me,” he panted, obviously enflamed by the situation.

She could feel him pressing into her, his body that close to hers.

She wasn’t thinking, only feeling. Desire was the only thing she was aware of as she leaned forward to breathe one short word. “Please.”

As her lips pressed together on the last letter, his lips forced roughly against hers. The kiss was fierce, passionate and attacking, and pressed her against the wall, the sharp edges cutting into her back as she wrapped her arms around him and gave as much back as he released. Their bodies moulded automatically together, their chests rubbing and their legs entwined as the passion mounted.

Sweet Surrender is available now and you can read all about how Tom seduces Helen and if she ever fully gives in.

Also, I have a similar theme running through my next Total-E-Bound release which will be available from the 28th March and is Called Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights.

Here's the blurb

He paid her to paint his portrait but he really wanted to steal her heart.

Hermione is an independent, single mother who has caught the eye of Philip Haughtington, society high-flyer and well known heart breaker.

He wants to seduce her and she is determined to resist but how long will she be able to hold out against his looks, charm and firm, commanding hand?

And a little teaser excerpt just to keep you going until release day!

Hermione had been outraged by the first spank, then frightened by the second but as his hand raised and fell, her emotions changed. She realized she looked forward to each spank. The pain that had flared in her arse at first had mellowed into pleasure, and she wanted more.

As his hand fell she would raise up on her toes to encourage his spanks. She was sure he could see her do this, and didn’t care. She wanted him to know she was desperate for it. She’d never been spanked before, and was quite surprised by her love of it. She was a strong woman generally, but as a single mother at twenty with no family to help, she’d had to be fiercely independent. She’d always have the upper hand in any dealings, but now she thoroughly enjoyed being on the receiving end of his upper hand as it slammed down against her flesh. It seemed somehow to be freeing.

“Damn, woman, you’re enjoying every moment of this.” Philip groaned and brought Hermione out from her pleasure-induced trance. He stopped spanking and pulled her upright again to pressed himself against her and forcefully place his lips on hers"

I hope you've enjoyed my seductions today and look forward to sharing more with you next month.

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