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Titles sans stories--a few of mine for your giggles

"Light bulb" inspirations come to me usually with titles to go with them.
I get soooo excited by the concept or the theme of the story and right then and there, I know the title.
Yes, for those authors out there reading this, I am a Theme-Premise-Moral Gal.
But more succinctly than that, I am an All About the Title Gal. [AATG]
And I get so delighted, I write them down. (Or they are lost to me forever.) I have pages, I do mean pages and pages of nothing but Titles.
Many times, the concept does not come for years. (I know this, said AATG, because I date all my notes, month/day/year. Compulsive, okay, I know it.)
But here are a few titles I love and have little or no concept for!
And so, for your giggling pleasure, a walk into my brain:
Because of You (waltz, anyone?)
Fistful of Men (an erotic western menage, donchaknow)
For a Few Men More (the sequel)
Wild Wes
They'd Never Believe Me (suspense, heroine suffers multiple personalities)
Chapped (a cold angry cowboy?)
Tough Love
Rough Love
Male Rider
(You note a cowboy theme here, eh? Yeah. Lately I like to ride write Texas men.)
Titles, next to covers, sell a book. HARD DRIVIN' MAN, above, is one of my great marriages of title to concept...and sales are good! ONE TOUGH HOMBRE, kind of a BDSM TEXAS RANGER comedy, is another. TWO TOUGH HOMBRES followed. As does THREE TH soon!
A title is a wonderful tool.
Got any you love?
Bring 'em on! Which is not a bad title in and of itself. Sort of menage or quatre, eh?
Ciao, bella! Laugh often.

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