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Valentine's Day is getting closer...

...and suddenly everyone seems to have love, chocolate, roses and other sweet surpises on their minds. The supermarkets and card shops have been making good use of the "excuse" to put up extra-enticing displays for weeks. I think it's all a secret conspiracy to undermine people's New Year's resolutions to be good and stick with the diet and exercise program - but I digress.

A few months ago, when it was freezing cold and snowing outside, I realized that I better start thinking about my Valentine's story, if I wanted to make the deadline for submission. I loved the "Italian theme" that Total-E-Bound had given us, so I went with it.

One of my heroes, Max, came to me quickly. He was just as miserable as I was at that point, though not for weather-related reasons. No, he had lost a lover and needed a distraction. Since he loves art, his brother decides there is no better way to take his mind off things than to send him to Florence for Valentine's Day.

I've been to Florence myself, and it was great fun to bring all the locations I love so much to life in the book. I only needed a little bit of extra research to make sure I got the facts right, the feel of the place came straight from memory.

Of course, Max runs into a gorgeous Italian hunk named Rocco, who happens to be an art professor. They hit it off on more than one level, but everything isn't as easy as it seems... If you want to know how the story ends, you can find the rest of it in Max's Italian Romance, now out right here at Total-E-Bound:

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