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Anatomy of a Hero

Ahhh…. the hero. The person that drives most stories. No matter the genre the hero brings the story to life. The anatomy of a hero – what makes him who he is - and what drives him fascinates me. What is behind this action? Why is he acting this way? Where has he been before? What drives him to react when this or this happens? And many, many more questions fill me.

My favorite hero is an alpha hero mixed with touches of beta. I love the hero who are strong men but when needed shows there sensitive side. They make you feel safe, protected and get the juices flowing yet when they show there emotions and cry there is nothing more sexy. They are slightly flawed and those flaws are what make them real.

When I find this combination of hero I am delighted. As I read each page of their story and see those layers reveled it builds them into more. Makes them a real man. One that you want to know more about. The journey of that catch’s me bring me along for a ride. It is a ride that I love and want to take often.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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