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Can You Keep a Secret?

Today, Ayla Ruse is taking my spot to blog since I'll be spending the day at the zoo with my five-year-old and his kindergarten class. Pray for me...Sincerely, Marie

Psst…can you keep a secret?

Nearly everyone in my life knows I write, and knows I work toward the goal to be a published author. This is no secret. But these same people have absolutely no idea I reached my goal and am working hard to do so again. No one knows I have an “alter ego,” and while at times it’s a fun secret to have, at other times it makes for a lonely world.

This past January TEB released my first novel, The Deciding Factor. This was an exciting event for me, a momentous day, to say the least, and all of four –count them, FOUR - people in my vast array of family and friends knew.

Am I embarrassed about my story? No. But I do realize that a spicy, racy, graphic, erotic (call it what you will) story involving not two, but three people, is a tough pill for some to swallow. Especially for those who read Inspirational romance where the most you'll see from the hero and heroine is a little kissing, if that.

Trust me, I’ve talked to people who could not even imagine half of what goes into an erotic themed story. For me to openly admit I’m an erotic author would call for immediate ostracism. I could handle my own, if it only involved me, but I also have a husband and a houseful of kids. I’ve seen it happen, unfortunately, where a parent assumes the role of “don’t let your kids play with my kids.” Please! Like my kids have a clue about my stories. I'm a grown woman writing fantasy stories for other grown people. I respect these boundaries. Why can’t anyone else seem to do the same?

It’s irritating and depressing at times. I want to call up all my sisters-in-law and share the news. I want to be able to shoot out links and post to everyone I know that I’ve achieved published status! Cheers for me! Instead, I yippee to myself and share little hugs from my close-knit group who do know (thank God for them) and return to my keyboard in the dead of night to tippity-tap away.

Still, despite having to keep my personal achievements a mum, I love what I write, and I will continue to work toward having more erotic stories published. What’s the fun in life, anyway, without a little fantasy?

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Ayla Ruse

~Ensnare yourself in love~


widdershins said...

@ Marie - please don't give into the temptation to feed the little darlings to the wild animals, it will make them sick!

@ Ayla - **doing Snoopy and Pooh happy dance for you**

Marie Harte said...

We made it back alive...barely. haha But it's all good. I bought the little guy a snake wristband he's loving as well as a ride on the carousel and an Icee. He's golden.

And Ayla, like I keep saying...CONGRATS. You earned it, believe in it!!! But shh, keep your celebration quiet. Remember, we're in the Bible belt. *grin*

Ayla Ruse said...

Thanks guys. You know, sometimes private celebrations can be the best ones. ;)

Nichelle Gregory said...

Hi, Ayla! I can totally relate to wanting to shout out the news anywhere and everywhere. Like you, there are only a few who know my work as Nichelle Gregory. I keep wondering when my little cover will be completely blown and I'll no longer have to worry about what THEY think...say, why should we care anyways?

If you're like me you can come up with a zillion reasons. I'm looking forward to the day when I can honestly say I don't give a damn...not there yet.

Keep writing 'em hot and sexy and congratulations on your first release!! ;0)