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Color me pea green

For those in Britain who are traveling to London for The Wedding, color me pea green with envy.
Yes, I know you will be crushed. Rushed. Cold? Wet with rain? Oh, I wish brilliant sun for you. Do the police put out port-a-potties? Do more vendors come out to sell hot tea and pasties? The last Big Occasion I went to in London was the Trooping of the Color in 1969. YES. So long ago, I have no memory--zip, nada--of potties anywhere, let alone supply of tea. I was, at the time, more interested in beer.
Yes, well!
My prep for the Big Day will be to clear my DVR so that I have enough room for all the goings-on, so I can play it all back, sans commercials.
I recall watching in between changing diapers on two children (now grown out of them, thank you) the wedding of Will's parents. Hope to God this marriage works out better than that one! If not, do you Over The Pond wonder if you'll save the Queen and all her family?
While we over here do desperately hope so, despite your ills and complaints of them and their antics, I am just hoping that Will and Kate have enough moxie to stay together.
As a woman who has been married to the same man for many decades, I know the value of love, friendship and sticking it out through the dark times to wait for the sun to shine through again.
Here's hoping whatever the weather on The Day, these two manage to build a life together which makes both of them serene and fulfilled as individuals, partners and perhaps, parents.