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My newest release - only two days to go!

Ever felt like you needed one of these?

I have. Except - a workbook sounds like too much of an effort on the days when I'm really stressed. And really, it's all self-inflicted now that I write full time.

No boss to yell at me for missing a deadline.

No colleagues to harass me for input I was supposed to give on a project.

Above all, no clients with silly requests, demands or comments about something that was totally out of my control in the first place.

Sounds idyllic, right?

Not so.

It seems as though stress has followed me into my new job. Not that I am entirely unhappy about that. After all, stress and the pressure of a looming deadline have always been a great motivator for me. The procrastinators amongst you will understand what I mean. An overabundance of stress quickly becomes counterproductive, though.

So, what stresses does an author suffer from, you ask?

Some books come with deadlines if you want to have them published at a certain point in time. When inspiration is lower than it should be, and the deadline is coming closer, there is stress.

When an editor wants comments on their edits, and you either can't seem to find the time to get to them, or don't want to because you've taken a peek - and they were awful, there is stress.

Books need to be promoted, so there is the stress of interacting online.

On the whole, though?

All of this has been, and is, enormous fun - bcause I love having my life center on books and interaction with readers. There is nothing more fun in the world (professionally speaking) than this.

So, will I have to get one of those stress reliever books? Not anytime soon, I don't think. All I need to do is look at my next release, and it's all worth it.

This month's is particularly close to my heart. Well, the entire Men of Riverside series is. But Understanding Mark, the third book, was a lot of fun to write because it pulls together a lot of the threads laid out in books 1 and 2. Closing some of those loops, while making sure there are enough new ones for a seemless continuation of the series, was a challenge - but it was worth it, I think.

I hope you will have a look at the blurb and excerpt below, and maybe even give the book a go when it comes out on Minday March 14.


Book three in the Men of Riverside Series

Rick Dealy and Mark Shrader have the perfect, loving relationship, until a seeming act of betrayal threatens to destroy both their love and their lives...

As a newly appointed lawyer in his uncle's firm, Rick Dealy doesn't have much time to get involved in a new relationship. But when he runs into Mark Shrader, his friend Adrian's younger brother, he realises some pursuits are worth the time. He and Mark fall in love and share their lives, until Mark's new job threatens to destroy everything they've worked so hard to achieve.

Mark Shrader has had a crush on Rick for what feels like forever. And now that Mark’s not so little, he's determined to make Rick his lover. After orchestrating a chance meeting, things finally seem to be going his way. But when one of the men he performs live music for, Tony Mondello, decides he wants to be Mark's lover, Mark must choose between his own safety and the life of his lover.

Will Rick be able to understand what happened, find Mark and bring him back?

Reader Advisory: This book is part of a series and while it can be read on its own, they are best read in sequence.


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