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Out of Office, Into Exotic

I'm currently away on holiday, having a blast in New Zealand, but I've posted this in advance so I don't miss out on chatting with you! :)

A holiday. Or as I (deep in my winter blahs) like to call it: EARLY SUMMER!

While I've lived and travelled in North America and in Europe, this is my first time ever crossing the Pacific. My Darling is a Kiwi, hence the trip, but it's not all going to be family visits (though that will definitely be part of the fun). No, we've got an incredible-sounding line-up planned: visits with friends, tours of wineries, staring at hot Polynesian men, exciting city breaks, tasty barbecues, and paradise beaches. Then there's the stuff that sounds utterly crazy to me, like volcanoes and flightless birds!

And by the time of this posting, we'll also have spent a stopover in HONG KONG. Sorry, that gets block caps because seriously. Hong Kong. How cool is that? I'm sure I spent the entire time gawking at the skyscrapers.

After three weeks of indulgence, it won't be easy to come back to reality. But the best part is, I've got something great to look forward to. On 28th March, Playing with Prudence will be available from Total E-Bound. My first longer-length erotic romance, my first historical, my first BDSM menage! Isn't the cover gorgeous?

I can't wait to show you some of the pictures from my trip and tell you more about Prudence when I get back :) Until then!

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Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

I am looking forward to this. CONGRATS!

Rachel Randall said...

Yay :) Thank you, Cerise!

- Rachel in New Zealand