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Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Romance Addict Last week an article caught my eye. In the online book reviews and news they were talking about which genres are the most popular. In the top 5 was paranormal romance. In the article they explained paranormal romance as: Paranormal romance is a sub-genre of the romance novel. A type of speculative fiction, paranormal romance focuses on romance and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending together themes from the genres of traditional fantasy, science fiction, or horror. Common hallmarks are romantic relationships between humans and vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, and other entities of a fantastic or otherworldly nature. Yep, that is it exactly. Which is probably the reason I find myself writing more and more paranormal romance and less of anything else. The last six books I’ve written were either shapeshifters or vampires. And the Four I am currently working on? Yep, Shapeshifters and vampires. Added to that my March release went even further as I added a Sheriff with psychic abilities I think I’m hooked. While I have also been big on crime and mystery books I have found myself trying to find one that are also paranormal related. Oh Yeah! I can’t seem to stop myself. If you are like me and just can’t seem to get enough of our super sexy and mystrious vampire or hunky and hot shapeshifter do I have some books for you. This month was the launch of a new series Secrets. Series Description- Everyone has secrets. Some are just bigger than others. It’s hard enough to have a good relationship between two ‘normal’ people. Add in shape-shifters, psychics, and killers and finding love its almost impossible. Based in a small West Texas town, the Secrets series is not like any other books. The sheriff is psychic, and her love is a shape-shifter. With these two running the show only thing is certain—expect the unexpected. Now on sale through Total-E-Bound Book 1- The Shifter and the Dreamer Sheriff Katy Rose has been running from her unique gift for most of her life- but one man won’t let her run from him. When Katy left the F.B.I. and returned to her small hometown as Sheriff she thought she left her work partner/ lover and his questions behind. But a serial killer has made a stop in her little town and the lead detective in the case is the only man she ever really loved. Federal Agent Cameron Morris let Katy go once. He’d known she wasn’t ready to be introduced to his kind, especially as she was hiding things from him. He always planned to find her again when the time was right. The thought of Katy in danger brings back all of his protective instincts and reminds him that Katy was meant to be his. If the two of them can trust one another to reveal their deepest darkest secrets they just might be able to stop an evil man from killing again. If not, they might not see the next full moon. Excerpt- There was nothing mysterious or intriguing about murder, especially when the victim was a beautiful young woman who’d had her entire life in front of her. Sheriff Katy Rose stood from her crouch beside the body of such a woman and closed her eyes. After a few minutes, she reopened them and took in the scene. The woman was lying face down, her hands secured behind her back, her ankles bound with zip ties. She was completely nude. Her long, blonde hair was matted with blood and dirt, as was her torn, beaten body. However, the most upsetting part was that she was missing her right pinkie up to her knuckle. “Hey, Davis,” she called back to one of her deputies. “This scene look familiar to you?” Scratching his greying beard, he nodded. “Sure does, Sheriff.” “Christ, Davis! Do you know what this could mean?” “Yeah.” He frowned. “I do.” “Could be a copycat,” she offered. “Dallas is a long way from here.” “Could be,” he agreed, without emotion. With her latex-covered hand, she pushed her bangs from her eyes. “Probably not.” “Probably not.” It was too close to all the murders east of them. The serial killer that was haunting one of the biggest cities in Texas should have been too far away to reach her small town. Five women had been found in the last year. The media coverage on the murders was huge. As much as she had tried to ignore the reports, she had been intrigued and had been pulled in. Of course pieces of the case had slipped through to the outside. It could be a copycat. But something inside her screamed that life in the small town was about to change. The victim’s name was Amanda Caldwell. Katy and her partner watched as the medical examiner loaded up her body. She had been twenty-eight, a teacher at the local elementary school, young, single, and the perfect target. Katy surveyed her surroundings. The woods were thick and dense. No one would have seen him dump her body way out here. It was private property, but nearly everything out here was. This far west, most areas were owned by oilmen or ranchers. Each took the possession of his land seriously but had too much to be able to monitor every inch. “Who owns this land?” she asked without turning around. “This is Lambert Land,” Davis informed her. “Lambert?” Katy asked, facing him. Now that we’ve enticed you shifter senses we haven’t left you vampire admirers out. My new vampire novel Vamps in the City will be released April 11, 2011. Here is a sneak at Vamps in the City: One moment in time will bring two people together and change the destiny of a city. Vampires are running wild and it is Grant’s job to keep his own kind in check. The warrior of choice, Grant quietly works with his team to keep the streets safe while his heart breaks over his own past. When Grant is about ready to give up the search for his missing sister, he runs into a woman who will make him question everything he thought he knew and sets off events that will rock the city he calls home. Paige has been on the run too long and is at the end of her rope when she meets the handsome and intriguing Grant. Surrendering to her passion for the vampire is one thing, giving him her heart… that’s another story. Especially when she’s not sure whether Grant wants her for himself or for the connection to his sister. Miscommunication, betrayal, and pure evil work to keep these two soul mates apart. Will they have a chance to learn that love can conquer all? Or is it already too late? So whether you’re an old fanatic or newly thrust into the world of paranormal romance check out my website for the latest details on what’s happening in the ‘other’ world. Crissy Smith Romance on the ‘WILD’ side…

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