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Coming up Blank...

Well, as I sit here, trying to find something to blog about, I realize, I'm just plane stumped. Everything I start, I erase, then I'm left staring at the same blank page I started with. And why? Perhaps it's the lack of sleep, or the fact my brain seems to have taken a vacation and left a far inferior replacement at the helm. Or maybe it's just a sign of the times...I mean, if spring can't decide whether or not it should actually make an appearance, is it any surprise many of us are suffering from prolonged crappy weather syndrome?

Now, I live out on the West Coast, so I'm lucky. We aren't having freak snow storms or killer tornados (watched some very scary footage on that tonight and thankful the mountains out here make it virtually impossible for tornadoes to form), but we still don't have spring. I mean, I get up early to run or bike with the dog and there's still frost? WTF? Really, the flowers out here are at least a month behind and it doesn't look as if there's any relief in sight. Everyday the forecast looks like wind and more rain... there's a new tree blocking the path every time I go out.

It makes me wonder... is this just the way of the world or are we really screwing this planet up? Thanks to Netflix, I've had the opportunity to watch a large volume of discovery shows on the planet earth. I know that our home is a volatile one... if it's been changing for four billion years, it doesn't make any sense to think it'll suddenly be stable just because humans cover the earth instead of dinosaurs... but are the changes just part of the planet's continual evolution or are we solely to blame?

I'd like to think we're only a small part of the equation and that nature, in all her glory, is also savage and wild, and we just need to realize that the world is in a constant state of flux, and we're merely along for the ride... then I see the long-lasting affects of the oil spills and the coal plants, and I can't help but question just what kind of legacy we're leaving. I have kids.. and I want them to have the same opportunities I had... clean water, air that isn't filled with cancer causing agents... you get the picture. But is that realistic?

Despite the prophecies.. the 2012's of the world, I think it is. Seeing disasters strike like they have these past few months just reminds us we're all part of the same planet, and it's our responsibility to keep it safe. A butterfly flapping its wings in japan really can have an affect out here, and I think we're all finally starting to get the picture. Too bad many have had to suffer for us to see our responsibilities don't end at our borders.

So here's to the world and all who do their part to pass it on to the next generation. I wish those still searching for loved ones the best and hope that the sun finally shines on us all.



DD Symms said...

A poignant post. I think of the challenges that can be written in a story where love has a tough time maturing, but it matures nevertheless whether or not it's shrouded in lust. And those uncertain times on planet Earth can still mean we need love more than ever.

Shermaine Williams said...

Very thought provoking. Simply watching the news can be quite a depressing experience. I like to think that society does enough to add some benefit, but suspect we just have to hope Mother Nature will be kind.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Kris,

Despite your initial blankness, you came up with a post worthy of pondering. I think we have to accept that change is the only constant, and be ready to adapt. That, and be grateful for the precious days when nature seems to be smiling.