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Good vs. Evil

Nice girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere else.

The decoration on a cushion that, alas, doesn’t belong to me, but I once saw somewhere. If profound wisdom could be found in the embroidery of cushions, I know which path I would take.

I know that nice guys—apparently—finish last, but I wonder whether this also relates to women, or whether it is solely a statement on our desire for the proverbial bad boy.

Not only has it been said that no good deed goes unpunished (and I have first hand experience of that being true), but also that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If that’s the case, what’s the point of being good?

All over the world, there are examples of evil people getting ahead, and they usually get there by stepping on the good. There is something very wrong with the picture when bankers, politicians, dictators and similar corrupt, evil types are running the world when good folk remain powerless. All a bit contradictory really.

I took this idea and ran with it to write my latest Lust Bite, Twisted Angel. Heroine, Bella, is pure evil and uses her particular brand of mischief to get what she wants, which includes Charles. There are some experiences in life that offer excitement, but are seen as bad by other members of society—so maybe she’s just a bit misunderstood...

The following excerpt will help you to make up your own mind...

“Who the hell are you?”

Only reading articles containing bad news, Bella got through seven pages within a few minutes, before she was rudely interrupted.

“Charlie!” she trilled, smiling cheerfully and folding the newspaper. “I’m glad you’re awake. I’m getting bored of this newspaper, have you got any porn?”

Getting to his feet, displaying his impressive height in all its glory, he confirmed that simply falling asleep on the sofa was sufficient to leave him dishevelled.

“What?” he demanded, his eyes blazing with restrained anger. “Did you hear what I said? Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my house?”

“Ooh, lots of big talk from the big man.” Holding his gaze, she slowly crossed her legs. “Do I take it you’re trying to scare me?”

Withdrawing his PDA from his inside pocket, he gave it a puzzled look before tightly gripping it in his fist, taking a tentative step toward her. “Is this some sort of prank?”

Hiding her amusement, Bella curled her lip in a contemptuous sneer. “Silly rabbit—tricks are for kids.” Pursing her lips, Bella let her eyes trail up and down, slowly and deliberately drinking him in. “And you’re certainly no kid.”

Bella could see the confusion controlling him prevented recognition of the compliment.

“Did Roger set this up?” he demanded, looking around the room.


“Oh, shit! This is a dream. I’m dreaming.” Relief softened his voice, lowering the volume.

“You are quite the arse, aren’t you?”

His bemused look returned. “What? You’re in my dream—you can’t call me an arse.”

Standing to look him in the eye, Bella plucked an imaginary piece of fluff from his lopsided lapel.

“I think I just did. Where are we with the porn? I know you’ve got some magazines around here somewhere—you’re old school.”

“What sort of weird dream is this?” he mused.

“You’re not asleep. Do you want me to prove it?”


Her arm moved like a streak of light, cracking her palm against his cheek in a powerful slap.

Tickled by the reflexive grunt that came with the shock on his face, Bella smiled as he looked back at her after the blow turned his face. “Am I still here?” Tossing back her hair, she glared at him defiantly.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

This sounds really different, Shermaine!

Does she get her come-uppance? Does she turn "good"? You've definitely got me curious!

Nichelle Gregory said...

Mmm...Gotta love the misunderstood bad girl! Best wishes with this release, Shermaine! ;)

Shermaine Williams said...

Come-uppance? Not quite, Lisabet, but she does recognise that she can get what she wants by changing her ways. A little south of traditional!

Thanks, Nichelle. Bad girls don't get enough love (or lust)!