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I'm A Fool For April

I can now officially say "Happy Spring Everyone!". The calender may claim that spring is upon us, but here in the Midwest old man winter has been having a hard time letting go. That's fine because there are always tons of steamy books to keep us all hot.

I'm excited because this month my novella Paradise of Pleasure from the Master Me Anthology will be coming out in a stand alone ebook as well as on audio! This is my first audio book and I can't wait to hear the finished product. Paradise of Pleasure will hit the digital shelves in audio format on April 18th and as an ebook on April 25th.

I can also share with you that I've been hard at work on a new series. The Phantom River series is my first foray into wereshifters, and it will follow the members of a wolf pack who makes their home in the Rocky Mountain region of Northern Montana. I've completed the first book The Scent of Seduction, and plan to start on the second very soon. I've placed the book in the near future, and have had a lot of fun researching all kinds of technological innovations that reportedly are on the horizon. I have my favorites and when you read the books, I'm sure you'll pick yours out as well. To keep me motivated I changed my desktop on my computer to this image. I've occasionally taken breaks in writing so I can stare into his hypnotic silver eyes. I'll keep everyone up to date with release information as soon as I get the word!

Hope you all have a great month, and try not to play too many mean pranks on friends and family today!

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Rachel Randall said...

Happy Spring! :)

Love the cover of Paradise of Pleasure!