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First off I want to wish my sister, Crystal, a happy birthday—even though it is Mothers’ Day, it’s her birthday as well!

Happy Birthday :)

So, for the past few days I’ve been wondering what on earth to write about, and after receiving some advice from a writer I’ve come to view as a friend, I’m going to start by introducing myself.

I’m Sam Crescent, and I love writing erotic romance books. I found this genre through hours of Amazon searches looking for a new author as I’d read all my other books. I have read every genre I can think of—crime, horror (Which I’ve come to hate), teenage / young adult (Yes, I like Twilight), fantasy and, of course, romance. I’m sure the list could go on, but I’m stopping there!

I love delving into each new story and finding out where it will take me and who I will meet. I’ve always been curious about what happens after the door closes in a story relationship, so I guess I’m kind of a voyeur in the book world. Since picking up my first erotic romance, the obsession has just continued to grow, until characters started popping into my head, refusing to leave me alone. So I started to write, and write, and then do some more writing, until I had a story in front of me.

I once read somewhere an author describing how she talked to her characters. I didn’t know what to think about that idea. I’ve since discovered talking to characters is a way of bringing them to life, because I now speak to my own characters, and believe me they can be pretty stubborn. Now I can have full blown conversations in my head. Yes, I’ve also argued with my characters about what I wanted them to do when they wanted to do something completely different. Most of the time they win, but I’m sure my editor will get them under control somehow!

No need for the white coats yet—provided I do some writing each day, I’m usually quite sane.

Once I started writing, I did some research and stumbled onto Total-E-Bound. When I searched their site, I knew at once I wanted to be published with them. To finally accomplish that wish is a dream come true. I have an amazing editor and the staff are wonderful. The writers I’ve been in touch with so far are the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of emailing.

Right, now a few quick facts about me:

Guilty pleasures: Vampire Diaries, Twilight and True blood. It would seem I’m a vampire fanatic. Favourite song: At the moment I love Bruno Mars, Grenade. Find it on Youtube—well worth a listen. In fact I’m listening to it as I write this.

Star sign: Capricorn.

Fun things I love doing: I love cooking and baking. I need to bake my sister a birthday cake :) Reading plays a huge part in my life, as does writing, only now I find my creative juices flowing and I find my head full of ideas. I love walking and watching movies. Not horror movies—the last horror movie I saw was the first Saw film. Last one ever!

Inspiration: I find inspiration through music and watching movies. I find certain scenes can capture me, and my mind goes wandering off in another direction. I hate sad endings, so I’ve constantly re-written Titanic and Moulin Rouge in my head. I love walking and travelling through the countryside. I also have a thing for sunsets.

I’m going to leave you for now with some pictures I found inspiration from, and the blurb of my upcoming book.
My nephew calls these Daffy-Diddles

Office Hours Blurb:

Fiery redheaded temptress Anya King is desperate for the carnal delights of
a pleasure weekend. A chance to indulge in every sexual fantasy…
But demanding, sexy boss, Nathan Banks, has signed them both up for a ‘team-building’ weekend in the beautiful country town of Buxton. 

An innocent weekend turns to hot, lusty sex—hot enough to melt the snow outside
and the ice around their hearts. Will the job Anya loves survive the weekend?
And will their time together be more than just a moment?

Bye for now.

You can reach me at
Email: / (I’ll respond to either)


Justine Elyot said...

Hi Sam - it's great to hear from a new voice on the blog. Welcome, and thanks for the daffs :D.

Sam Crescent said...

Thank you. My nephew loves them but calls them as you can see daffy-diddles.

Missy Martine said...

Good Morning, Sam - I loved learning a little more about you, and it's good to know that other writers hear "voices" the same as I do. Your book sound great, one of my long-time fantasies began back when I was working for this really hot chiropractor - the chance for a sexy weekend with the boss! I can't wait to read your book!

Missy Martine

Jude Mason said...

Hey Sam!

Great first post! I went and checked out Bruno Mars singing Grenade. Wow! He's got an amazing voice and he's very sexy.

Hey, how can you win when you argue with your characters? I rarely do and usually it winds up they were right. That is annoying. LOL

It's great to learn a bit more about you. Oh, a question, maybe you can integrate this into your next blog post here: You mentioned you get some of your inspiration from both movies and songs. Do you ever reply music when you're writing, or watch a movie repeatedly?

Have an awesome day!


Sam Crescent said...

Hi Missy and Jude,

Thank you I was very nervous about posting and didn't have the first clue what to write about.

Yes, Jude, I watch movies over and over. I think i'll mention that on my next post. Try to get more of who I am out there before my first book comes along.

I love his voice and the video.

Nathan and Anya just came to me and they pretty much wrote the story themselves. I felt like I was along for the ride :)

Anonymous said...

Sam, the daffy diddles are lovely and your book sounds super sexy. I can't wait to read it! Your post was perfect. Raine