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Setting your inhibitions free

Travel! There's nothing like it to set your inhibitions free. My recent holiday to Hong Kong & New Zealand was just the right mixof pleasurably busy touristing, catching up with friends, and sampling the exotic and unknown. Three whole weeks away! Away from home, away from work, away from day-to-day routine. GLORIOUS. Mental space to let my imagination roam, and oh, the thoughts I had halfway across the world -- I'll tell you a secret, none of them had anything to do with my other life ;)

In my latest release, Playing with Prudence, Major Harry Sterling comes home for his own holiday. He's been overseas in Egypt for a long time now, and he's missing everything about England -- especially his good friend Ned. But it's Ned's tempting wife Prudence who's been on Harry's mind. She's always been the one that got away, yet ever the Victorian gentleman, Harry would never dream of acting on his long-harboured desire. Harry's on holiday now, though, and Ned's determined to make sure he enjoys himself...

All three of my lovers in Playing with Prudence set their inhibitions free through their shared fantasies. It's a story that's full of intense sexuality, including bondage, dominance and submission, ass-play, role-play, spanking, and flagrant misuse of a silver-plated hairbrush. It's a love story, first and foremost. I adored writing scenes where they set aside any protests and just let themselves passionately enjoy each other in a golden time especially for them.

That's what a holiday should be about, right? :)

Playing with Prudence is available now from Total E-Bound.

Read an excerpt and listen to the music mix here.

(Psst? Want to see some more pictures from my fabulous holiday? Cocktails on the 25th floor overlooking Victoria Harbour, beauties from Auckland's Pasifika Festival, plus some truly gorgeous Kiwi coastline...good stuff to remember now I'm back at my desk!)

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