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Soon to Be a Scarlet Woman

When I was first offered the chance to post on the blog, one side of me snapped it up (the side that held the mouse, presumably). The other side of me froze, quailed and whimpered something along the lines of "Thank God I have a pen name, then no-one will know it's me!"
And this is something I have often been asked about by my non-writer friends. Why do I insist on using a pen name? Why don't I want anyone to know it's me?
Over on this side of the fence, of course, pen names are nothing new, and reasons for and methods of choosing them I'm sure vary according to the writer. But for me, it all came down to that desire expressed by Charlotte Bronte: the power to walk invisible. The ability to write whatever I chose without being judged by all who crossed my path.
In fact, mu slightly pretentious young self even chose her first pen name based on her own initials, probably with the forlorn hope of achieving Currer Bell's fame. Well, if using my initials is a marker of success, I'm not sure what it says about me that my current pen name contains neither, thanks to the discovery of the name Tanith and the acquisition of a husband (alright, gorgeous husband - stop looking over my shoulder!)
My husband's family, incidentally, are privy to the secret of my pen name. This is what happens when you drink one too many Mojitos in their company. They're thrilled to bits about my contract and are keen to buy my first novel immediately on its release in June; all good, except for one thing.
See, my in-laws have this strange idea that, in personality terms, I'm whiter than white.
I have no idea where they got this from. My husband likes to tell me that I "act whiter than white" in front of them, which I can only assume means I neither swear nor discuss my favourite sexual positions, both things I think are quite reasonable to avoid doing in front of one's mother-in-law. Nevertheless, they have this opinion.
And they're planning to read "The Hand He Dealt". A novel which, among other things, includes f/f sex, threesomes and at least one rather graphically-described interlude involving a strap-on.
So I can't wait until June, when my novel will finally be released and my dream of being a published writer will finally come true.
But, at the same time, I'm waiting with trepidation for the day when the phone will ring and I will hear my mother-in-law's voice saying "Um... what's 'pegging'?"


Sam Crescent said...

Hi Tanith,

I love the name of your book. I felt nervous about my first post, it's nice to know there is someone else out there just as nervous.

Loved reading your post.


widdershins said...

I't probably time to start thinking of some off-the-cuff answers to those questions ... and some website recommendations!

Tanith Davenport said...

I admit I've got no further than "Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much and the man is a little bit kinky..." :)

Sam - thanks. Your post gave me the courage to admit my own nerves! Glad you like the title; it took me ages to think up, although given part of the story is set in a casino I'm not sure why.

Sam Crescent said...

Hey Tanith,

I'm pleased I helped in some way lol.

It was an excellent title, I understand I can be sat for hours thinking what should I call it.

I look forward to your next post and seeing the cover of your book. I bet it will be fantastic with a title like that.


Jude Mason said...

Hi Tanith,

You will let us know what happens, right?

I'm trying to picture what my mom-in-law might say if she became aware of what I write. Heart attack comes to mind. LOL I don't go out of my way to hide what I do, my sisters and brother-in-law all know and have given me their opinions, which ws one hell of an experience, but not the older generation. Ya know, I think it's one of the few jobs in creation that people think they have the right to poke their noses in.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you explained pegging... ROFLMAO!