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Spring is Sprung.

I love spring even though it makes me sneeze and makes my eyes water. Winter has its highlights but by the time Christmas has been and gone I'm sick of it! I look eagerly for the signs of spring and feel happier the minute I spot a snow drop or the tell-tale shoots of green where daffodils are pushing up into the world. By the time they are pushing out their proud yellow trumpets I'm ecstatic because winter is over and although the temperature might drop from time to time the sun is out longer and the nights are shorter and the birds are singing.

I love spring.

So I write about it a fair bit. You can see that I love Spring in my latest release Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights.

He paid her to paint his portrait but he really wanted to steal her heart.

Hermione is an independent, single mother who has caught the eye of Philip Haughtington, society high-flyer and well known heart breaker.

He wants to seduce her and she is determined to resist but how long will she be able to hold out against his looks, charm and firm, commanding hand?

So if you love, spanking, spring and rich, charming young men this is a story you shouldn't miss!

Now what do you love most about Spring?

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