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Taiwan Photo Album

By Lisabet Sarai

If all goes according to plan, I should be in Taipei City, Taiwan, when you read this post. This will be the second time I've visited the lovely island of Formosa, as the Europeans first called it. This particular trip will be short and mostly devoted to business. However, last time my husband and I spent time there, we had a week's vacation, and we made the most of it.

So I thought that I'd share some of my photos from that trip, more than a decade ago. I'll be interested to see whether the country has changed much. And perhaps I'll post some of my new photos next month here at the Hot Spot.

Temple Gate

Old Tree in Taipei City

Taoist God

Street Vendor

The Marble Gorge

Mountain Monastery

Wait a minute! What's that doing there?

Tomorrow, Total-E-Bound is releasing my BDSM romance The Understudy as a stand-alone novella. The cover just makes me want to kneel and beg! Here's the blurb - you can read an excerpt on my website.

Is there a future in playing stand-in to a slave?

Sarah Gladstone was thrilled to be offered her first real acting job at the Berks Summer Playhouse. She never expected to be working with theatre legend Geoffrey Hart. The charismatic actor quickly brings her under his spell, not to mention his control, as he initiates her into the dark delights of BDSM. He offers her far more than physical pleasure; they share a level of intimacy and trust beyond anything Sarah could have imagined.

According to the rumours, though, Geoff's heart is taken. Renowned actress Anne Merrill, his long time partner and submissive lover, has severed their relationship and Hart has escaped to the Berkshires to lick his emotional wounds. With her youth, inexperience, and girl-next-door persona, Sarah knows that she can't compete with the glamorous theatre veteran. She fears that she's just a substitute for the real object of Geoff's affections. As he draws her deeper into his intoxicating games of dominance and submission, Sarah wonders if she's willing to settle for the role of understudy in this perverse passion play.

Have I piqued your interest? You can get your copy here!


Sam Crescent said...

Those pictures are amazing and beautiful.

Your Cover fits right in as well.


Marie Haynes said...

Beautiful pictures and I look forward to reading the book!