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Bring in the Laughter

Today, Ayla Ruse has a terrific post called, Bring in the Laughter.

We read and write about all kinds of lovemaking: Make-up sex, break-up sex, tender, sweet, rough and raunchy sex. We are open enough to realize physical intimacy comes in all forms and can evoke a whole range of emotion within us and our partner.

Today, I want to bring up another facet of lovemaking. Silly sex. I mean this in the best of the funniest of ways. The kind of sex that might begin with a tickle-fest. Or maybe someone tries to role-play or talk dirty, but you and your partner both realize the situation is hopeless. Instead of becoming frustrated or “losing the mood,” try laughter instead, and go with it anyway. I don’t mean for you to laugh at your partner. Rather, encourage reciprocity for you to laugh with each other. Turn it into a new game. But while you’re chuckling or clutching your belly in rollicking laughter, continue to touch each other. Naked. If you’re not, then get naked. Intentionally turn the funny-fest into sexual play - if you haven’t already.

I promise you, it won’t be too long before the guffaws turn into moans and the giggles turn into cries of pleasure. Sometimes you might get so carried away you find yourself engaging in sexual forays you’d never before dreamed, and you go with it, because it’s fun (maybe a little freaky) and safe and enjoyable. You’re too busy having a good time with each other to realize you should be shocked or stunned by what might be happening. It could also occur the other way around… Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you try to – ahem – yeah. Definitely try that, too.

The resulting outcome will leave you and your partner grinning a mile wide, and you won’t care if your headboard has knocked a hole in the wall, or you later find your underwear in the yard outside (you could have sworn the window was closed), or you find yourself twisted and upside down on the floor when all’s said and done. You had fun. Your partner had fun. You each received a double dose of endorphins. I take that back, triple dose: sex (exercise), orgasm, and laughter. Hey, at this point, life is great any way you look at it!

Ayla Ruse
The Deciding Factor, from TEB

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