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Double domes?

I have a character issue...well there is nothing new there, characters giving issues. Do characters do anything other than that to their authors?

Well I am in the middle of a story that is FF and both of these characters want to be the dome in the sexual relationship. I have never had this problem before. It has always been an easy obvious decision if there was going to be a dome sub relationship who would be what part. But in this...both of them want to take control and rule over the other's pleasure.

I am not sure what to do in this situation. The story could go a few different ways at this point and because I don't plan it all out before I start writing, I am stuck debating between scenarios for the story.

So double domes are running through my mind and the possibilities are intriguing and exciting though I am not sure they are what my story needs. And I can't help but wonder, could a true dome be submissive to another dome? Could they really take turns?

This is something I will have to think about and figure out before proceeding.

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