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Looking for a hot fantasy?

Tattooed rock stars, hot sun, temporary lovers...I put these three things together and come up with my latest release, Rock and Roll Fantasy.

My husband lived in Florida for a couple fishing seasons, so I have a lot of fun memories to work from. For this story in particular, I wanted to write something that was pure fun, a super sexy daydream.


Karrie Nicols’ love life is in a slump, and needs release. Lucky for her, she’s hopped on a ferry with two rock stars from her favourite band, The Skull Kings.

When she finds herself tucked in a closet with Ram Nix, the lead singer, she begins to see that it isn’t just her love life that was in a slump. It was her whole attitude. But is an afternoon on the deck of a yacht with two demanding rock stars enough to send her life in a new direction?

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