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Prose, Pet Projects, and Please Remember Me

Prose, Pet Projects and Please Remember Me...

Sounds like a lot of gibberish, eh? Might be. In this case, it's not. When I sat down to write Please Remember Me, I had characters already telling me what they wanted to talk about. Absolutely. Now, I am a pantser from the very beginning. I just let the characters do their thing and tell me about it later. Sometimes its a great thing. Other times it gets me into trouble. In the case of Please Remember Me, it worked out pretty well.

Jade wants to do something a little more noble with her life. She's tired of being a spoiled brat rich girl. Now right there that might either snag you into reading or totally turn you off. For me, I wanted to know more about why she wanted to change her direction. So...I let her run. Along the way, she snagged a friend of mine who'd recently passed away. Judi was a dear friend of mine and I loved spending time with her. Jade decided in her journey to be a better person, she needed a sidekick. Worked for me.

Now I'm also pretty sure you're wondering what the heck I'm thinking by adding all these animal pictures. Jaden loves animals, she just didn't realize she was good with them. No, Marlon isn't a shifter. Might be fun, but he cringed when I suggested it. So, no shifters. But he's an animal man, too. The reason the animals are here in the post are because they are shelter critters.
Jaden's pet project concerns the pets of the elderly. She wants to save the critters and give them a home when their owners can't take care of them.

So I included my critters, since every one of them was a rescue or an APL animal. Yes, I'm a sucker. When I see those commercials for the APL or fliers for critters that need homes, I'm right there. So can I say that a little bit of Jaden's pet project is mine. I love critters, shifters, and all that. I'm glad the story has an animal bend to it. I hope you enjoy Please Remember Me, too...well, on May 23rd when the book comes out. Enjoy!!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Wendi,

I can't resist a post with kitty pics!

Congratulations on the upcoming release!


Wendi Zwaduk said...


I can't resist the kitties when I go to the pound or the animal protective league. I always want to take them all home. Notice the one wasn't ready for his close-up? He's the least shy of the bunch, too. :-)