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I’ve stumbled around for the entire month wondering what on earth to write
about here today. Then the other night I stumbled on a movie, and my blog post just wrote

I watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley, and it got me thinking
about romance. Well, I write romance. As it happens I write erotic romance, but
that  doesn't matter. For me, the romance is the key element in the story. The
sex is great to read and to help the plot along its way—but the happily-ever-after is the all-important thing.

So I thought I'd do a post on my thoughts about romance.

Going back to Pride and Prejudice. I used to think that having love spelt out completely blatantly was the only way to go. But after watching this movie, I have come to
realise the value of subtlety. The last time I watched this movie, I watched it 
with a reader’s perspective. When I watched it again just recently, I believe I watched it with a writer’s perspective. The  subtle, building romance begins from the start of the dance and grows as the camera follows Mr Darcy’s hand as he helps Elizabeth into the carriage and walks across the field to make sure she is okay and to apologise for his Aunt’s visit at the end of the movie. These moments are the ones that have stuck with me. 

What is romance to you? I think romance, in a book or a movie, is where 
the connection between the characters suddenly feels real. Where you can
picture—and feel— the  agony and the emotions that unrequited love is all about.

I know many believe that love is supposed to be easy, but for me the best 
thing about love is that you have to fight for it. Love can be easy and being in love 
with a person who loves you back can be easy. But sometimes there also needs to be a fight for love  to survive. That is what I love in movies. No matter what happens,
what a character does, the fight for love is of the ultimate importance—love isn't a fleeting moment in time, but an all-consuming feeling that never goes away no matter what.

In these fantasy islands of fiction and film we can be fools in love. Day 
jobs, family, friends and other adversities never get in the way as they can 
within the realm of the real world.

I love romance and love, and being able to write gives me a sense of peace I 
never would have thought possible. 

What are your favourite romantic films? What love scenes stick with you? I would 
love to hear your thoughts.

Like last time I'm going to leave you with something that has inspired me—this time with a piece of music. I hope you like it as well.

Instead of a link, if you find Adele performing, Somone Like You, at the 2011 Brit awards.



Missy Martine said...

Good morning, Sam. I definitely believe "romance" doesn't have anything to do with sex. I, too, write erotic romance and I know for a fact the book can't be good if the story doesn't stand alone, without the need for the sex spelled out. As for movies, I tend to like the ones where unlikely couples get together and ones that include humor. Two of my favorite won't win any awards but I always come away feeling really good about life every time I watch them - The Holiday and Music & Lyrics - :) Obviously I'm not a real "deep" person when it comes to entertainment....but I do love a "good" love story. Thanks, I enjoyed the post - you made me remember some pleasant times this morning.

Sam Crescent said...

Hi Missy,

Thank you for commenting. Me and you are in the same boat lol. I love The Holiday and Mucis and Lyrics, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Pride and Prejudice though. It was the last movie I watched. I love romance and now I can write about it makes me love it all the more.

take care,


Nichelle Gregory said...

Hey, Sam!

Some of my favorite romantic movies are: A Walk In The Clouds, Far & Away, Thomas Crowne Affair and Love Jones. There are many I love, but these definitely showcase the challenges and triumphs of fighting for love despite the obstacles.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Sam,

Excellent post! You're so right - once I started writing, it changed the way I watch movies. I'm far more of a critic than I was previously.


Sam Crescent said...

Hi Nichelle and Lisabet,

Thank you guys for coming and saying hi. My blog post was getting forever closer and I didn't want to not post anything and then sitting in front of the TV I watched this movie and it just seem to come to me.

I think chemistry between characters are important, especially in movies. Now when I watch I movie I notice if they have a connection and gel I can watch the movie.