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Sex Toy Joys!!

I remember the first time I walked into a sex toy shop. My boyfriend at the time knew I'd always wanted to see what scandalous goodies such an establishment held, but I'd never gotten up the nerve to push through the doors. I was excited, nervous and more than a little embarrassed when we went inside, certain confirmation of my closet freakiness was now a flashing neon sign on my forehead as we entered the store.

Imagine my surprise when no one turned to look at me. I couldn't believe no one looked outwardly freaky. I don't know what I expected...maybe a man stroking himself in one of the aisles or a couple getting it on with one of the display models. But no, it was just a regular store...well, minus the dildos, vibrating pussies and you get the idea.

I think my fascination with sex toys started right then and there.

I especially love glass toys as mentioned in my TEB Author Spotlight. Why? Glass toys can be warmed or cooled for varied erotic experiences. Glass toys don't absorb anything, if handled with care, they're impervious to damage and I think they're beautiful. Take a look and see if you agree.
Gorgeous, no?
So pretty!

A Beautiful Flower...perfect for every occasion!

I told my husband when the kids are grown and out of the house, I'd love to have a secret room that simply showcased all of my glass toys. Complete with black velvet mounts to display each erotic sculpture and spotlights for dramatic lighting!

I think there's still an unspoken stigma when it comes to talking freely about using sex toys, but times are changing. Women are having sex toy parties now and you can window shop anonymously until your heart's content thanks to the World Wide Web. Sex toys, when used properly, can add another level of intimacy and sexual intensity!

I like incorporating them in my work for my characters to explore and enjoy, like in my latest release, Doll. Rena gets to use a glass dildo, anal beads, Ben Wa balls, nipple chains, a pussy pump and a sex swing! I know...lucky girl, right?

No? Well, maybe that's too many toys for you, that doesn't mean you won't enjoy reading about them! You might be surprised what turns you on as you flip those pages! Sex toys can add new sensations and delights to be enjoyed alone, with a partner or pump up the thrills while reading an erotic book!

Until next time...

Love & Laughter,



Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Nichelle,

Okay - I haven't had a chance to read DOLL yet, so what's a "pussy pump"? I've heard of penis pumps, of course (though I've never seen one in action!)

Sex toys are getting weirder and more artistic looking - but they're starting to cost as much as original works of art, too! You can easily drop $100 or more on a single toy.

Anyway - great photos!


Nichelle Gregory said...

OMG- you haven't heard of the pussy pump?! lol

Well, it's a dome/cup like device made out of plastic. It goes over the pussy and is attached to tubing that's attached to a bulb that the user or lover pumps, creating a tight seal. Blood rushes to the area beneath the dome. The result? An engorged highly sensitive pussy/clit!

Some women use it to actually enlarge their nether lips. Using it too much for too long can alter one's genitalia.

Everything in moderation...

Ha Ha!! ;)

Thanks for reading!