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Having covered most of the facial attributes I like in a hero I'm stopping for a moment, before I move on to consider matters torso-related, to digress into the area of face furniture, specifically spectacles.

I love a man in glasses - so much so that I sent our wonderful artist Emmy on a wild goose chase around the photo archives to see if she couldn't find a picture of a sexy bespectacled man for the cover of A Very Personal Trainer. Surprisingly, there are few pictures of men working the luscious lens look in existence - a serious gap in the market, in my opinion. In the end, Emmy had to resort to making a nice pair of glasses for my gorgeous cover man to wear - and the results were certainly spectacular. See for yourself:

So it seems I might be in a minority in my tastes, but I can live with that. Indeed, I have to. I'm in the minority in pretty much all my tastes, from anchovies to obscure French actors. All the more bespectacled men for me then! Ha!

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