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The Trouble With Titles by Gillian Archer

I find one of the hardest part of writing, what authors sometimes call “writing short.” This is the back copy blurb or the short pitch used when querying a publisher. Encapsulating an entire story in three paragraphs (or sometimes four sentences!), gives me indigestion just thinking about it. You want it to be short and sweet, enchanting and engaging, not give away too much, but most of all intriguing for the reader. No pressure, right?

Even trickier for me is the title. If writing short is tough, try being creative with just a handful of words. I am horrible at titles. Most of the time when I’m drafting a story, I don’t have a solid title tied to the story. I usually call them whatever the hook of the story is. I have a friends to lovers ménage I’m currently calling Best Friends Forever. Real original, right? My upcoming release with Total-e-Bound was referred to as the Faery Orgy when discussed with critique partners and writing friends. For some reason, they thought I should rename that one LOL.

Do you have title issues? Or do you have any helpful advice for the titled-impaired?

You can read more about my poorly titled WIPs at my website :)

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