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Why I Love Writing Sex

I adore writing sex scenes Unashamedly, unabashedly, and with a great big grin, I love writing sex.

I don’t get tired of sex words or having my characters end up in bed, tied to a table, bent over a spanking bench…well, you get the picture!

To me, erotic romance is all about the emotion and character development. As a result, each sexual encounter has meaning. It deepens trust, creates conflict, or reveals character.

In life, I crave peace and staying on the sidelines of drama. In fiction, I want to vicariously experience all the excitement, drama, thrill, fear of a new relationship. I want to worry about characters and see how the entire dynamic unfolds.

As my heroine learns to trust, to ask for what she wants and mentally, emotionally, physically go places she’s never been, she changes. She grows. She becomes more confident.

My hero (or heroes!), too, are changed by encounters with the heroine. They experience love, maybe for the first time. Through being with the heroine, thoroughly dominating her, they, too are changed—they grow, they learn more about themselves.

Through the extremes created in my BDSM scenes, each character is laid bare. For my heroines, being restrained takes a tremendous amount of trust. But the exhilaration of being with the right Dom, of having negotiated boundaries, of discussing a safe word, before taking off that last piece of clothing, requires a level of honesty that she’s never experienced before.

Each encounter with him challenges her and forces change. And nowhere is that more evident than in a sex scene.

Because of its contribution to conflict and the drama I read for, I say, viva la sex scene!

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Ranae Rose said...

I feel the same way, Sierra. I've heard people talk about sex scenes being the worst part of a book to write, even 'cringe-worthy'. I think that if someone finds it 'cringe-worthy', they're probably not writing it correctly. I LOVE getting to a moment where my characters come together, literally.