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All good things

“All good things must come to an end.” You know what – FUCK THAT! If something is good, why “must” it come to an end? I’m just not buying it. Okay, in the course of life all things change – that I get – but end? No way. Example: My kids being young was not just good, it was fantastic! I loved having them cuddle up to me, tell me stories about their day, watch them play. Now, they still kiss me good-bye as they leave for work or school, tell me about their day and they still goof off together – see – didn’t end, just changed.

Apparently, this English proverb dates back to Chaucer, but has been misquoted throughout the years. Originally, it stated something like “Everything comes to an end.” The word “good” wasn’t added until much, much later. I blame the Puritans. They decided that all kinds of good things were bad and put an end to them.

Now there’s a thought. If we juxtapose “good” for “bad” maybe things don’t have to end!! I might be onto something here. Let’s see if I can list a few good/bad things.

1. Sex – The Ultimate bad thing that feels soooo very good.

2. Daydreaming – classified as a waste of time, but has led

to some very creative ideas.

3. Whiskey – ‘nough said.

4. Chocolate – YUM!!

5. Erotica – Gives readers (specifically women) bad ideas. Oh yeah it has!

So, here’s my motto for the month of June: If all good things must come to an end, I’ll do something deliciously bad!


Sam Crescent said...

Loved your post. I agree, why should all good things come to an end, why can't it be all bad things must end.
Strange way of thinking.

All good things must keep on coming


Marie Haynes said...