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"The Hand..." finally extended...

This month is a very special month for me, as next week my first novel will finally be published – and after three years and several drafts, including an almost complete rewrite, I was losing hope of it ever happening.

This is my vision of Astra Scott.

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I always imagined Katharine Isabelle while writing her.

Astra was a character I pulled out of a much older story and was probably the best thing in it, although since she spent all her time on skates like some kind of student Rollergirl I had to make a few changes. Turning her into a fun-loving sorority girl was the easy part, but she needed some distinctive features; her job at a casino, and the secret kink that even she didn’t know about.

Astra, you see, has a boyfriend who thinks he’s gay.

And, rather than break up with him, she goes out and buys one of these:

And she kinda likes it.

The relationship between masculinity and dominance was an interesting one for me. I have never been one to write submissive female characters, but Astra was the first to see herself as taking the masculine role, rather than simply dominating.

Right or wrong? Hard to say, but it was something I had great fun with when her relationship with best friend Sasha took an interesting turn.

Of course, later events show that even the manliest of men can take pleasure in either role, as Sasha's boyfriend Ash can testify…

Look out for me on the 13th here: The Hand He Dealt


Scarlett Parrish said...

That's one hell of a photo to be greeted with on checking this blog. :D

The second one's very interesting as well. ;)

Tanith Davenport said...

I'm glad you like them :)