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He Wasn't Complaining

So this past weekend, I was down in Cincinnati, talking up TEB and just plain having fun. Now...the story goes the men were there for viewing pleasure...and the photo booth was there for general fun time...

yeah...about that....

I guarantee you, he wasn't complaining. I think he liked it a bit too much.

Where was I? How can you get your own man just like him?

You have to go to the Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together. Over the past four years, I've met awesome authors and friends, like Jambrea Jo Jones, Desiree Holt, Kaenar Langford, Cheryl Dragon, Bianca Sommerland. I'm telling you it's a blast.

I have no idea how to get your own cutout. Lori Foster had them there, but I'm still not sure if they were supposed to be smuggled into the photo booth. Really? He wasn't complaining.

I had a great time, and even managed to break a cover model's heart...but it's time to slow down and get back to writing.

See ya!!!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Sounds (and looks!) like huge fun, Wendi!

I'm jealous!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

You need to come to the Lori Foster Event. Sooo much fun. TEB should take part, too. Awesome promo op. :D

Thanks Lisabet!!