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Rediscovering Passion

Before I write the next book in one of my series I read the previous book. This is my way of getting back into the world of that book. The feeling of it. Familiarizing myself with what I’ve created. Get the characters in the series back into my thoughts.

This is the stage I’m at right now as I get ready to write another book in one of my series. When I do this stage it always surprises me that I get drawn into the story again. Sometimes little things I put into the book shock even me. I guess it might be the distance from the book. The one I get between writing it, subbing it, taking a break from the series and then coming back to write the next. This is the good thing about having multiple series or other projects to work on. You can step away from a series and do something else.

Back to the book I am getting ready to work on. I’m back into the series and I’ve gotten that thrill for it. Excited about diving back into the series. Ideas of what to do with the book are flowing and it is all gelling together. I love this moment of rediscovering passion.

Taige Crenshaw
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Maggie Nash said...

Good luck with the new book in the series Taige!

Sometimes I go back and re read a book of mine for whatever reason and think...heck! It's not half bad! (Not always of course..I am an artistic type after all!)

Good for the ego as well as refamiliarising myself with a particular world :-)


Nichelle Gregory said...

Taige, I find going back to read the previous book the most helpful for immersing myself back into the feeling and emotions too! I'm glad your sequel is flowing and falling into place for exciting to see a new chapter unfold! :)