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Research by Gillian Archer

It’s a very necessary part of writing. But how do you research faeries? At the time I wrote Faery Seductive Escape, I was living in Ireland—a land ripe for inspiration. Unfortunately hands on research was a little bit harder to come by. The Irish are in two very different camps when it comes to the fae. Some are dismissive—they’ll laugh when you bring up faeries, little people or leprechauns. It usually comes along with some comment about silly Americans. Believe me, I heard that one more than once. *grin* But the other group…they won’t say a word. They refuse to talk about faeries because the fae do not like to be spoken about. Those in the latter group are wary about possible retribution.

If only I could’ve caught a leprechaun myself… That would've made my research so much simpler. But I did try. I chased more than one rainbow in my time in Ireland as you can see from the picture. That rainbow ended in the field across from my house. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't the pot of gold. Dang it!

So there ya go. I was living in the land of the faeries, but no one would talk about them and I couldn’t find one to save my life. Instead I turned to the inspiring country around me, read more than a few books I collected in my travels, and of course there’s always the internet. I took all that literary history that came before me and combined it with my own imagination and hopefully weaved an interesting story.

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