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Sun Salutations

Considering the title of this post, you might be expecting to read about the finer points of yoga. You’d be wrong, but quickly forgiven.

I did practice the pursuit for a while, but I can’t get my head around the mental side of it—while it’s supposed to be relaxing, for me, it often just ends up as stretching.

So, if you guessed yoga from the title—close, but no cigar. If you guessed it was about summer—well done, the cigar is yours. Not that I advocate smoking or anything, I just like sayings and phrases.
Yep, it’s all about saluting summer—my favourite season. Not just because it gives me an excuse to eat ice-cream, but also because I love the sun. Alas, I live in the UK, which is subject to at least one true stereotype (no, we’re not all evil villains with bad teeth who eat rubbish food). The rain, however, is true—we get it when we don’t want it and then we get none when the farmers need it!

However, we do get some lovely weather—yesterday, for example, London was beautiful—which is what I’m poised to welcome. I love the sun, which has a magical quality that makes everything brighter and better. So, not so much saluting the summer, but the sun itself as you never know what summer can bring.

If there is an equivalent of a rain dance for the sun, I’d be grateful if someone could teach me the moves. I’d even be willing to do a bit of yoga to salute the sun, if necessary.

Far cheaper than a flight abroad so any ideas welcome.

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