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Typos in eBooks

By A.J. Llewellyn

Some months ago I received an alert in my inbox that I was under discussion on Goodreads. There is a whole A.J. Llewellyn thread (who knew?). I guess there is for every author, but the old adage proved true. Eavesdroppers never hear good about themselves. While most were complimentary, one reader, Cori, commented that she loved my "Honeybone" books but would have given me higher marks had it not been for the typos.
Typos, bloody typos.
I make plenty of them because I type fast and I just don't notice them.
Big Oops. Big frustration.
Cori and I exchanged very cordial messages on the loop and I took the blame for the typos because I often submit books very close to deadline. I can't blame my editors. I get a chance to re-read things.
Again...I just don't see 'em!
She offered to beta read for me and she has read a couple of books now and found some typos.
Typos, bloody typos.
I have a wonderful, dear friend in a fellow author who kindly reads everything D.J. Manly and I write, and frankly my dear, I always think when something has gone through a Final Line Edit it should be good to go, but no.....
Typos, bloody typos.
Somehow, they manage to sneak their way into my manuscripts. I swear, there is a typo fairy out there - somewhere - and she's got it in for me. She hates me!
What about you? Do you make typos? What was your worst? Do you notice them? What's the worst you've seen?
I've made too many to single out one.
Typos, bloody typos. I attract them like lint.

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Saranna DeWylde said...

I notice them, but if there are just a few, it honestly doesn't affect my enjoyment of the book.

But, if they're more than typos, repeated and consistent errors, it irritates me beyond reason.

Ranae Rose said...

Everyone makes type-o's.

It's not just e-book authors. Nearly all books (even from the largest publishers and biggest authors) contain type-o's. I have a pretty sharp eye for them (at least when it comes to other people's work), and some of the famous books I've found mistakes in include Harry Potter, the Bible and The Wheel of Time.

So you're in good company! ;)

Serena Yates said...

LOL, AJ, you are not alone! I can't ever find all of them in my own stuff, so I know what you mean. There should be a saying "Attracting typos like an author" or smething. :-)

Sara York said...

My favorite typo I ever made was in a very erotic scene where one of the characters was complaining about "fake boobs" however I typed "fake books" - My husband, who happens to be my beta reader, laughed so hard when he read that. Thank goodness he caught it, can you imagine the reader going -Hugh? Fake books? What are those about?

Rise2theTop said...

Hahaha! lint. Thank goodness I have a good editor. I think the worst (and probably the funniest)typo I wrote was '...with cocks of butter and jam.'S/B 'crocks'!!! made it past us, like 5 times before we caught it! LOL Of course that's understandable since it's in an extremely hot erotica piece! But only one problem...the scene was at a party buffet and not between the sheets! LOL!

Gabby-Lily Raines said...

Yes, I make typos. I do tend to catch most of them, but a few pesky ones have been known to sneak in every once in a while.

Do I notice typos in other people's work? Yep. Whether I mention something about it/them, depends on mood, reading material and/or author, and mistakes to page count ratio (if it's a couple to a few (entirely subjective *cheeky grin*), then I'm liable not mention anything. On the other hand, about a month or so ago I read a 300+/- page book where I found about a half page worth of words that were either misspelled or malapropisms and that left me quite irritated).

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Nope not alone. Something that's gotten me into trouble is when a reader doesn't realize there are different spellings for words in different languages. Man, did I catch it for the word smelt. Everyone makes a boo boo here and there. Everyone has typo's. It happens. We're human. But it doesn't really take away my enjoyment of a book. I mean, if you're talking about the hero being calm but it's written clam...well, my brain goes in all sorts of odd directions, but I wouldn't shelve the book.

Silver Pixies said...

Darling you have looked at my WIP it was NOTHING but Typo's... I type faster than my eyes and brain can process sometimes so i make huge obvious mistakes. However add on that i am slightly Dyslexic I am a editors worse nightmare really... I love your typo's sometimes AJ.. I do have to give you and DJ a lot of credit though when they are pointed out to you in a nice way you both are gracious about it.. Not all writers are...

Nichelle Gregory said...

Typos and overused words drive me crazy when I find them in my own work, but I find I'm more forgiving as a reader...unless the book is so riddled with them it interferes with the enjoyment of the story.

Fyn Alexander said...

After a reviewer commented on typos in one of my books I went back to look at it and found lots. What drove me nuts was, they were not mine at all, but were generated by what ever computer program set the book. If they were mine I would hang my head in shame but when they are someone else's it is just infuriating.