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The 3rd Again

Wow.  The 3rd of every month soon comes around. It only feels a short time ago when I was doing this last.
So, since last time, Office Hours has been released. Now, that week was mad. As many of you know, it was my very first release. I had been nervous and excited and nothing could have prepared me for how busy it was going to be.
As a new writer, I’m finding the entire process daunting, exhilarating, tiring, exciting. A mixture of good and bad. I absolutely love writing.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wished I was better prepared for the ride that is publishing.
So many blogging opportunities, what to write about. Picking winners for competitions.
The list seems to be endless :-).
The one thing I would recommend to all aspiring writers is getting out there in the blogs, and twitter and yahoo groups and learn as soon as you can. I feel like I’m trying to catch everyone up.
I would like to send out a happy 4th of July for tomorrow and I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful time.
I'm also hunting for authors to guest on my Blog. Anyone interested?

An exhausted author off to go and write now.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Sam,

It never stops... once you step into the promo river you can never step out again.

You seem to be doing a bang-up job getting your name out, though. I see you mentioned everywhere!

Sam Crescent said...

Hi Lisabet,

Thank you for stopping by and commented. You do? lol.

I thought I was getting by.

Lovely to hear from you and thank you for hosting me. It was brilliant.


Amy Valenti said...

I'm interested! :D And you're more than welcome to guest on mine - just send me a post and I'll put it up. I'm not fussy about what day.


Nichelle Gregory said...

Being an author is a wonderfully, exhilarating and tiring process for sure, but I don't think any of us would give it up! ;-)