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Faery Seductive Escape by Gillian Archer

Release Day!

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my very first published story, Faery Seductive Escape. Before I dive into the nitty gritty, I just want to take a moment and thank my wonderful critique group, ERAuthors. You guys are the best! I wouldn't be here without you. Thanks for the support and the constant boots in the butt.


Her escape attempt was going to plan… until she stumbled across a faerie orgy.

Kidnapped into slavery by the fae, medical student Ashley Jones is desperate to get back to the human world. Her opportunity arrives when the faeries assume human guises for their Midsummers Night costume party. Knowing this is her only chance, she steals a human costume and blends in. She’s moments from freedom when a crowd of faeries sweep her into the Great hall filled with revelers having an orgy. Ashley doesn’t know where to look, what to do. Panicked, she scrambles to escape but finds the exit barred by a gorgeous faery prince.

Tiarnan Dáirine is entranced by the faery who has disguised herself so well that she truly appears human. Although he hates mortals, he admits the human guise she’s wearing is enchanting. Seeing her shock at the activities in the Great hall, he realizes this must be her first Beltane celebration, and takes her up into his private viewing box.

Spellbound by the sexy faery prince and the erotic activities below, Ashley finds herself in a most awkward position. Her mind is screaming for her to leave but her body is begging her to stay. Tiarnan’s touch decides the matter, but when they make love, he captures not only her body, but her heart as well. When the night is over and their two worlds collide, will Tiarnan forgive her for being human?


Ashley Jones skulked down the torchlit hallway, keeping to the shadows. Desperate to get away, she couldn’t chance being seen by any fae despite the stolen costume she wore. With any luck anybody or anything who saw her would mistake her for a fae woman dressed for tonight’s festivities. She couldn’t risk her human features drawing attention.

Previously she’d thought faeries were sweet, dainty little people who granted wishes and hid pots of gold. But two months ago she’d been kidnapped from her college dorm room and imprisoned in an underground fortress. She’d learned that the fae were actually human-sized beings—gorgeous beyond her wildest imagination—but they weren’t the cute, harmless, little moth-like people she had seen in cartoon movies. No. They were heartless jackasses who didn’t care that she had a life, a home, or a family who cared about her.

Okay, the last one was a little bit of hyperbole. Her family probably didn’t even miss her. But still. Just because she had been taking—and acing—a midwife training class didn’t mean she wanted to be one. Definitely not under duress. She wanted to go home, wherever home might be. Either her dorm room abroad in Ireland or back home in California with her family.

Especially after last night.

She’d tried to help, but nothing she had done helped the mother or her unborn baby. After three endless days of labour, Ashley had lost them both. She stopped, leaning against the wall, her eyes growing wet as she remembered the blood-soaked sheets, the screaming agony of the mother and the tiny lifeless body of her babe.

Despite their magical abilities, the fae were on the brink of infertility and the majority of their rare pregnancies ended in death for both mother and child. Not that it excused her failures. Punishment loomed in her future and if it was going to be anything like the last time she had to leave.

Crap. She really had to stop musing about her shitty situation and concentrate on getting out. She had a small window of time and she couldn’t waste it.

Footsteps from down the hall forced her to hide. She tried not to gawk at the jewel-encrusted walls as she crouched behind an ornate table decorated with gold leaf and...Were those diamonds? Her palms sweated as the footsteps grew near. Double crap. Should she try to act fae-like and see if her costume held up to scrutiny? What was she going to say if they uncovered her hiding place? Damn it, damn it, damn it. What should she do?

The footsteps continued by her without pausing in the least. Phew.

She cautiously rose and checked the hallway for any more traffic. Since the festivities had started an hour ago, she thought she would have a clean getaway. She forgot to factor in Irish timing. Who knew the Irish and the fae shared such fabulous time-keeping abilities?

The only good thing about her current predicament was that she knew which way was out. If she were back in her captor’s Sidhe mound, she wouldn’t have a hope in hell of escape. Hidden, its hallways were heavily guarded to keep people like her in. This Sidhe mound, where all the fae in the area had apparently converged, wasn’t guarded at all. Kind of like a house party where everyone just let themselves in, she guessed.

Sneaking down the hallway again, she tried to ignore the rough burlap scraping her bare skin. If this is what they thought humans dressed like…She shook her head. Thank God she was able to steal this “human” costume from the laundress. She’d stick out like a sore thumb with her own black slave robes. Nothing said escaped convict more than a prison uniform.

She paused outside an open doorway. She could do this. She had to do this. Taking a deep breath, she started to dart past when a cacophony of footsteps had her freezing in place. She frantically looked up and down the hall for someplace to hide, but could find none. Not wanting to be caught out in the open, she took a deep breath and ducked into a room.

And stopped in her tracks at the sight that greeted her.

A room easily the size of a football pitch overflowed with “humans” in various states of undress. And all were engaged in some sort of passionate activity. She couldn’t help but gawp at the many gorgeous people having a very good time. A few metres away, a woman lay prone, ardently kissing one man while two others knelt next to her and each suckled at her breasts. Ashley quivered at the scene. To have three men attend to your every sexual urge while everyone in the room watched and grew aroused by the sight… Her nipples tightened.

To her right a man knelt behind a woman as he thrust his large cock inside her. The woman’s cries of satisfaction filled the room. With one mighty surge, the man swept the woman from her crouched position, forcing her back against his sweat-slicked chest. As he held her against his body, he cupped her breasts in his hands and tweaked her nipples with his fingers.

Ashley’s panties grew damp. Oh, God. What she wouldn’t give for a little of that action. Especially with a guy as hot as he. Typical of most fae, he was outrageously handsome. The only noticeable differences between him and any famous New York underwear model were the pointed ears and luminescent skin all fae seemed to possess. His body practically glowed as he fucked his very willing partner.

Oh…my...God. So this was what the festivity was all about? A huge swinger’s party? She never would’ve guessed. No wonder they dressed in itchy burlap sacks with drawstring pants. She was tempted to rip off the prickly clothing and join in the lusty pile of twining bodies. If her hormones had a say, she would be stripping down and getting busy. But she couldn’t. This was probably her only chance to escape. She couldn’t let her libido rule her and let this opportunity slip through her fingers.

With one last, longing look at the writhing bodies, she turned to go.

And smacked right into a very firm chest.



Lily said...

Huge congratulations on your release. Can't wait to get my hands on your début novel :-)

Lily x

Gillian Archer said...

Thanks, Lily! I hope it lives up to expectations :)