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First Time Nerves

Well, here I am, losing my Hitting the Hot-Spot virginity. It's 1am on the 2nd of July, and I haven’t done this before, so forgive me any performance issues. I’m still learning!

So, I guess for my first month, I should start by saying, “Hi! I’m Amy Valenti, and I’m a smutoholic!”

A few vital statistics, then:

  • I’m English.
  • My pen-name is a pseudonym.
  • I dabble in BDSM, so I’ve had first-hand experience of what I write, in general, if not specifics. I’m both submissive and masochistic, and have plenty of fun writing about it. ;)
  • I was published for a few months under a non-Total-E-Bound publisher… until they decided to become facilitators of self-publishing instead. So now my first release will be Battle of Thrills, which is a TEB Lust Bite.
  • I write mainly M/F, sometimes M/F/F, and on the odd rare occasion, M/M/F.

On my website, I like to call myself a tarnished tease. Emphasis on ‘tease’ – I seem to have this problem where I string out the sexual tension for about three chapters longer than I’ve planned.

Characters: It’s been a week of non-stop frustration.We wanna have sex now, okay?
: Ummm… not until I say so, you won’t… Keep right on objectifying each other from a distance…

No, I don’t really talk to my characters. Much. ;)

So, what can you expect from me over the next month? Not that much, actually. I have a free read coming up, which will be called ‘Cornered’. Here’s a little snippet:

I’d never seen a girl try to turn a sandwich in the university cafeteria into a romantic dinner date before, but the new student, Kate, seemed determined to force herself upon me, and without offending her I could do jack about it. Though I ate as quickly as I could, she took tiny bites of her meal, drawing it out for as long as possible.

I made polite conversation, smiling and nodding where appropriate, but Kate either didn’t read the signs or had decided to ignore them. Just as her foot brushed mine under the table, I heard a familiar voice across the room, and looked over to see Sian walk in.

She was a friend, officially. Unofficially, we both knew it was just a matter of time. I wasn’t sure when, but sooner or later I was gonna have to ask her out. We’d been dancing around each other for a year or so now, and the situation had progressed from exciting to maddening.

She spotted me, and a slow smile spread across her face. Doubtless our fellow students had been gossiping about the situation, and she tilted her head a little to analyse Kate. I narrowed my eyes at her a little in warning, and her smile split into a full-on grin as she headed for the vending machines.

Kate noticed my change in expression, and glanced over her shoulder to find the source of it. Her brows shot up when she located Sian, who was Gothed up to the nines as usual, and she jerked a thumb over her shoulder, leaning in toward me conspiratorially. “Takes all sorts, I guess.”

“She’s in our next class,” I told her, relieved to be off the topic of her childhood in Mississippi.

“You’re kidding me,” she said, frowning. “She’s a medical student?”

“Just cause she’s Goth, that doesn’t mean she’ll make a bad doctor,” I replied, shrugging. “She’s smarter than me.”

“Oh, I certainly am,” Sian called, scooping a candy bar from the machine. “And I can hear you.”

As she meandered over to us, I performed the introductions. “Kate Howard, meet Sian Turner.”

“Good to meet you,” Sian said, rounding the table and taking a seat… in my lap.

Trying to ignore the sensations that having her warm body pressed against mine evoked, I breathed into her ear, “What the hell, Sian?”

“I’m rescuing you,” she replied, her equally soft words sending tingles through my skin. “Work with me, here…”

Keep checking the TEB free reads section – I’m not sure exactly when it’ll be, but soonish.

I think I’m done! Was it good for you, too? ;D


You can find me at my blog, on Twitter (@AmyValenti) and on Facebook.


Sam Crescent said...

Hello and welcome to Hitting the Hot-SPot. Loved your first piece and I bet you have many more teases for us to see :-)


Amy Valenti said...

Hi Sam! Nice to meet you, and thanks! :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Ooh, Amy!

I do so love F/F (not to mention BDSM)... Give me more!

Justine Elyot said...

Great to see so many new voices at the Hot Spot - hi, Amy, and welcome :).

Amy Valenti said...

Lisabet - Really? Awesome. ;D I have a Lust Bite coming up with M/F/F BDSM - it hasn't been given a release date yet, though. I'll let you know nearer the time!

Justine - Hi! And thank you for the lovely welcome. :)

Nichelle Gregory said...

Welcome again to TEB and to Hitting the Hot-Spot, Amy! ;)

Amy Valenti said...

Thanks, Nichelle! :) said...

The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt. said...

Pretty worthwhile piece of writing, much thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...