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Got drinks?

Here is something I've been wondering about...what about the perfect drink makes us take pictures of it? Is this something everyone does? Or just something those of us into sensual experiences do?

The past couple months, I've taken about five "perfect drink" pics.

The first one I took was of a martini called a "1988." This one I had with Katharine Ashe and Daisy Harris in LA. We were at some resturant the name of which I can't remember. Also, I have no idea why the drink is called 1988, but it looked gorgeous and tasted wonderful.

Another drink I had...something called Magner's (You guessed that from the pic I'll bet). This stuff doesn't taste so great. But it is strong. This one I had with a friend at an Irish pub in New York.

It's not unusual for me to come home from a trip and find one or two drinks photos.

Does anyone else do this? Is this a weird writer thing? Sensualist thing?

Why do we do it?

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