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How Time Flies...

I know this is not a surprising realization for most people, and certainly not for me. But every now and again it hits me as if it were new. Why is that? Maybe because I'm too busy to notice how time passes or maybe because time is such an artificial concept. After all, we can't touch it or change it in any way - have you ever wished we could?

I certainly have. And not just when the next deadline for a book stares me in the face. But when I realize how quickly my nieces are growing up. Earlier this month I had my 14-year-old niece stay with me. She lives in Germany with my brother, his wife and her two younger sisters. She is also one of my goddaughters. I decided a long time ago that it might be a good idea to improve her English by having her go to school here for six months (or longer, if she wants). A lot of kids here in Europe do that, I always wanted to when I was her age, so I went for it. She has read the Harry Potter books in English and watches Doctor Who on a regualr basis (in Englsh, not dubbed!), so I know she can at least communicate.

Started talking to her about it last Christmas, and she was very excited. She's a bit of an adventurer, like me, and nothing much fazes her as long as she has Internet access (like me) and can go shopping (very unlike me, LOL). So, after doing an entrance exam (which she passed) a few weeks ago, she flew over on a Thursday night, spent a day at the Queen's School in Chester and met her future classmates and some of her teachers. We bought all her school uniform stuff in the afternoon, which was another very unusual experience for her. She can't wait to come back in September, when the new school year starts.

Neither can I. I know it will be a lot of fun, and my "token 6-month contribution to parenthood". Ahem. Getting up every morning to get her to school? Before 10:30 or so - my normal time? Not a good idea, LOL. Supervising homework? Going to parents' evenings? I know a lot of you are very experienced with this and I admire anyone who can write and have kids. While I never really thought I'd get to experience that aspect of life, I'm happy and scared at the same time that I will now become a part of that "world".

Watch this space for updates as of September!

Until then, I have a few more books to write... One of my favorites comes out on July 25th:

Book five i
n the Men of Riverside Series: Forgiving Jason

Jason vows to protect Steve from the bigots who attacked him, but can Steve forgive Jason for what he’s done?

Steve Jacobi is a window washer who is very focused on his financial independence. He’s always known that he’s bisexual, but never had the courage to approach one of the men he was interested in. Relationships have taken a back seat in his life...until goes car shopping and meets Jason Fortin.

Jason is a fun-loving salesman who likes his job. He hasn’t come out because he’s never met a man he was interested enough in. Yet he has no problem approaching Steve, and their relationship quickly develops to the point where Jason is ready for more.

But when bigots attack Steve, Jason reconsiders. Can Steve forgive him for the pain his protectiveness causes them both?

I hope you enjoy reading it!


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