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Men reading erotica

I know there is no way men even come close to the amount of women who read erotica, but I wonder how many of them do. I am talking straight men here, not gay men reading MM romance they would be in a whole other catagory. I wonder how many straight men sit down and read an erotic romance book?

I have run across a few men through twitter and facebook who have read my free story and checked out my website...but few of those go one to purchase and read my books. Though I was shocked last weekend when I was approached at my 10 year high school reunion by a guy who said he bought, read and enjoyed one of my books. He actually admitted to reading it at work, and that that had probably been a bad idea.... I thought that was awesome, definitely a huge compliment to my writing.

I tried to google it, but all it gave me for percentage of men who read erotica, was percentage of men who watch porn! Seriously a disappointment. I am certain that men who enjoy reading and enjoy porn would enjoy reading erotica, there is something for everyone in erotica and they could definitely find something that they enjoyed. So why don't more men read erotica?

Is it because erotica has a stigma as being for women? Or is it just not being marketed to them in the right way?


Anonymous said...

As a straight man, i think its mostly because it is not marketed toward men. But the stigma of only women reading it doesnt help either.

Anonymous said...

It is easier to watch an internet porn film. Although I am becoming increasingly more interested in erotica as it is less compromising to my moral beliefs. Therefore, in theory, it allows me to carry on in my intimate social circles with less feelings of guilt and remorse thereafter.