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Seeing Is Believing

If you’re able to see it, then it must be true—that’s what many believe. The camera never lies and our eyes tell us all we need to know. ‘You must understand that seeing is believing, but also that believing is seeing’ so says author Denis Waitley.

I started thinking about the idea of perception after writing a short story on the theme of voyeurism, Two With A View. Though you’ll be hard pressed to mistake the act of sex itself, simply watching won’t tell you how the participants feel. I wonder if anyone really sees any reality in the staged and stylised scenes of a porn movie or whether they are just—ahem—enjoying the ride.

There are occasions when we can’t believe what we see, such as Photoshop and magicians slight of hand. Camera trickery or computer generated images can make all manner of things a reality though they could never really happen in life.

Studies on the accounts of eyewitnesses who have observed criminal acts have been shown to be quite unreliable. Apparently, our minds play tricks on us by inventing things we didn’t actually see and somehow shields things we did see.

Of course, sights are much easier to believe when you are able to orchestrate them as Natalie, the heroine in Two With A View, has the opportunity to do. And infinitely more enjoyable when the directed act is a sexual encounter.

While it is a good idea to be cautious about believing everything you see, if it’s something juicy, forget about the reality of it and just concentrate on enjoying it!


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