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Sizzling, Sultry Summer Sex

Hello TEB’ers. I’ve guest blogged a time or two at Hitting the Hot Spot, and now it’s time for me to have my very own special day.  Yep, the 22nd of each month will be my time to share with you.

Today, I want to talk about sex. What else, right? Specifically, the seasons of sex. Yes, I believe sex can be divided into four seasons. In a nutshell:

Winter Sex makes me think of cuddling and long lovemaking sessions in front of a fire - or under covers - interspersed with intimate pillow talk.  


Spring Sex is full of laughter with loads of touching and openness. 


Jumping over one, Fall Sex is the time when words aren’t needed so much; there is a deeper bonding for all involved. 

Currently (if you live in the northern hemisphere), we are in the middle of the summer season. I live in the deep south of the US and our summers are sticky, humid, and blistering hot. Think about it a moment. I just described our weather. I can hear you groaning and saying “yech!” Air conditioners become your best friend this time of year if you’re lucky.

However, what if we take the same words (sticky, humid, and blistering hot) and shift the context? I'll give you a hint. Think: Summer Sex. 

Now these words sound delicious.  (And isn't he yummy!)

Imagine sultry evenings with a cool breeze coming through the window, just enough to raise goose bumps along your skin as you move lazily with your partner(s). No rush, no time limits. Every touch, every slide, every thrust is simply hot, hard and breath-taking. Moans grow deeper and your partners’ slick skin feels like heaven beneath your touch. The surrounding heat fuses you together and pushes you toward that pinnacle to match the fierceness of a summer lightening storm. 

Whew. Yeah. So go out and enjoy your weekend, your summer, and your Summer Sex. 

{Just be safe!}


Marie Harte said...

Great post, Ayla. Made me think about seasons and sex, and you hit it on the head. Where DO you get your pictures? :)


Ayla Ruse said...

Glad you liked it, Marie. As for the pics, well, we all have to have some secrets. :)