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Blending of erotica and traditional sexy romance?

One of my Texas-based erotic romances!
Lately, I have read quite a few traditional/general/mass market romances which I note are not in erotic imprints, but that certainly are erotic in word and tone. Struck too by the erotic pace of such novels and by the strong verbiage, I wonder if we now see a blend of the two and what that means for the erotic reader and author, as well as the "general" reader.
I have noted in my umpty-ump years of reading and writing romance that the use of four-letter words in general romances have been few. In fact, those stories were noted for their euphemisms to the point, often, of absurdity. So too has gratuitous sex always been a no-no. An editor would often slap an author's hand and take out a love scene posted too early in the drama. Sexual tension was the key to a longer work, certainly. But it also created a platform for a credible romance and future love story. Or so we were persuaded.
Yet, now that I write erotic romances, I know that the basis for a strong romance can be conveyed in a shorter number of words. It all depends on how you write it--and how well your readership agrees with your premise and development. The art to the erotic novel or novella is to provide a conflict which is not only believable but sustains the reader until the challenges are worked out between the protagonists. In the erotic novel/novella the task of the author is pretty much the same as in the romance, excerpt now the hero and heroine/menage, quatre, etc. work out their conflict in bed!
So what is the new trend toward more erotic relationships and verbiage in general romances?
My first thought is that publishers of general romances have seen the success of erotic lines in digital format and in print, and are attempting to corner that market.
My second thought is that authors now, used to the erotic rage, are more willing to use words and scenes which we all know sell very well.
My third thought is that this blending is a hurrah! moment for erotica in that we now call a spade a spade in the bedroom and in the multiplicity of romantic relationships we no longer deny exist.
What are your thoughts?

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