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Body Art by Lily Harlem

I’ve been pondering on getting a tattoo for a while now. I have piercings and I fancy a little delicate artwork to go with my body jewellery. My only problem is I’m so indecisive - indecisive to the point I take half of all the clothes I buy back to the store. So deciding what design to get and having confidence that I won’t get bored or see something I like better within the first year is a hurdle I’m trying to overcome. 

However, I’m not nearly so indecisive when it comes to knowing what designs I like on men. I’ve been a keen observer for many years, sneaking peaks at the gym, the swimming pool or at the beach and deciding what works for me and what doesn’t.

I’ve come to the conclusion I adore arm and shoulder tattoos. I have a serious armpit fetish going on – which I have completely come to terms with now - so anything which wraps around the biceps and travels near those heavenly wisps of underarm hair is always going to work for me. That patch of skin is so delicate, so sensitive it must have hurt like hell having needles there, it makes me want to kiss it better, nuzzle my nose in and – whoops, there I go!!

I’ve spent the last few years trying to persuade my resident hunk to get a delicious little underarm tattoo, he has lush biceps and it would work so well, it would barely be noticeable unless he lifted his arms above his head. Sort of like a secret which isn’t a secret. It wouldn’t matter what design he went for it’s just the anatomical position and the splashing swirls of ink which would have me panting. I keep passing comments about tattoos like this one but so far he’s resisted. Damn!

Much as I know what ‘does’ work for me, I also know what doesn’t. This is little extreme, although I have to say even if he wasn’t tattooed I don’t think he’d be my type! Bless him!

There are many celebs who are beautifully adorned with body art. David Beckham seems to get more scribbles on his delectable body each week, although it’s somewhat amusing that the inscription on the inside of his forearm actually reads ‘victorious’ and not Victoria – keeping his options open maybe?

Colin Farrell is always worth a dreamy sigh over. With him it’s the whole package, that lilting Irish accent, those brooding eyes and his bad boy grin. Yep, he’s seriously lustworthy ‘and’ tattooed, pretty perfect in every way then!

Well, once again I’ve been deliciously distracted from finding my own design and swooning over hot guys and their body art. Oh, well, I guess I am a bit of an art buff, just not the type who studies the Renaissance or the Impressionists!!

Here’s a few more yummy masterpieces to feast the eyes on.

 Have a great day.

Lily x

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Blurb - 

No one knows it is I, Kamini Singh who writes The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita.

The weekly column in Ichchha Magazine has been my secret for many years and penning Harita’s wild sexual experiences has been a wonderful release for my frustrated emotions as I’ve waited for my parents to find me a suitable husband.

Now they have – the delectable Damon, and I can barely contain my excitement as our wedding, and wedding night, approaches. Handing myself over to him body and soul is going to be such a treat.

So imagine my delighted surprise when my new husband asks for even more than I ever dared hope? And imagine my shock when I realised that Damon had secrets of his own which could please me, satisfy me, and take me on ecstatic journeys which got more and more daring with each adventure Harita enjoyed.

Reader Advisory: This book contains ménage and dominance/submission.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Lily,

How can you go wrong with such a delightful gallery?

I can't wait for this Bollywood series. It sounds like each of you have taken a totally different approach to the genre.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

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Lucy Felthouse said...


I'm the same about getting a tattoo myself - I've always fancied the idea, but have never been able to decide on a design... so it's never happened.

But I sure enjoyed 'studying' the designs on this post ;)

Lily said...

Thanks Lisabet - sourcing pics like this is always fun :-)

Anonymous - you are welcome, keep coming back for more!

Lucy - lets go together for our body art!!!!!

Lily x