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The Dog Days Are Upon Us

Well if you live anywhere in the Midwest of the United States you know that the last month has been hotter than hot, and not only because of all the great books we've been reading :). I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. It's been a supper busy one for me, but I have managed to get a little writing done.

I'm thrilled to let you all know that I'll have two more books out with TEB before the end of the year. My new series Phantom River will have its debut in October with the release of The Scent of Seduction. This is my first foray into the near future/shifter/paranormal category and I had a lot of fun being creative and researching all the cool stuff we have to look forward to in the future. My final release of 2011 will arrive on December 26th and is the second book in the series, It Takes A Mate's Touch. Both of the books are MF, but never fear my lovers of gay romance as the 3rd and 4th books of the series are all about the boys :)

I've posted the blurb for The Scent of Seduction below. ENJOY!

Phantom River Alpha Jaryn Chaunterel is struggling to find a balance between his duties to his pack, his business, and orders from the American Shifter Council to solve the mystery of why wereshifters of all species are disappearing from around the country with little or no trace. He can’t help but feel that the long sleepless nights spent working might be more tolerable if he could share them with his mate. Of course, that would mean he’d have to find her first.

Nicole Holland is on the run from the wolf that kidnapped and held her hostage for over a year. The high school teacher wants nothing more than to disappear and start her life over, but it’s not easy when the one chasing you can scent your every move. Nicole pulls into Stonepass, Montana, in desperate need of money and a few hours of sleep. However, instead of anonymously slipping in and out of town, she finds herself face to face with another Alpha wolf, one whose liquid sliver eyes call to something deep inside her...even as he declares those words Nicole hoped to never hear again. “You are my mate”.

Jaryn soon discovers that his newly found mate holds the key to his investigation, and he’s determined to not only bring this case to a close, but take revenge for what his mate suffered at the hands of her captor. Nicole realizes that Jaryn has strength to rescue those she left behind, and it isn’t long before she’s falling under the spell of the moon and comes to relish the feel of Jaryn’s strong arms surrounding her. Will the pair be able to stop a psychopath who’s bent on creating a race of super-shifters of which he will be commander in chief, or will the mad scientist have the last laugh?

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