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National Hero

I've posted a lot about physical attributes of romantic heroes, but what about the less tangible elements of their make-up? Such as their nationality and cultural background.

Recently, I'm writing a lot of heroes from non-British backgrounds - Russians and Hungarians seem to be my flavour of the month - but it's not the first time I've looked overseas for satisfaction.

In Sempre, Luca is an Italian operatic tenor with the voice of an angel but a dissolute past on the streets of Naples.

My Hot Shot Conquistador (currently featured in the August newsletter) features a rather predatory Spaniard called Juan.

And next month you'll be able to read about a man from one of the world's most fascinating and exotic corners - a real Bollywood Superstar.

Do you have a hankering after a hero from a particular part of the world? A suave Frenchman or a Viking warrior perhaps? For me, I admit, it's mostly about the accents. What does it for you?


Ayla Ruse said...

Okay, I admit, the right accent can turn my knees to jelly. I had a job where I had to speak often with a man whose voice made me think of warm honey. Oh, were my fantasies rampant! And completely sight unseen. :) Now, for story-telling, toss in the handsome looks and you have the making of a man created for perfect pleasure. Thanks for your post.

Lisabet Sarai said...

You forget that for some of us, British IS exotic!

Probably the most exotic hero I've written is Anil in Monsoon Fever. He's Indian - I often find Indian men devastatingly attractive - with smooth dark skin, curly jet black hair, and a seductive smile... There's one scene where he's dressed all in white, a kurta and loose pants. Every time I think about him my mouth waters...

Gee, maybe I try writing a Bollywood story!

Justine Elyot said...

Ayla, I've had that experience with speaking over the phone with a man at work - my voice used to wobble!

Lisabet - you must write a Bollywood story. I share your taste for a handsome Indian man dressed all in white; in fact, you've reminded me of my Ajay character in Bollywood Superstar, who has just the same dress sense as your Anil :D.