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The Pleasure of Paperbacks

As I write, I am eagerly awaiting the print copy of my Total-E-Bound release, Art of the Written Word. Though the e-book had already been released, I know what it looks like and I (of course!) know the story, I’m still excited.
I am yet to completely succumb to the technological revolution that is making its way into the book industry. There are various schools of thought on the topic of ebooks and the various devices on which they can be read. Some people believe that they are poised to take over from their physical counterparts. Others think that ebooks are a minor player in the story of literature and can never replace the lead.
Only recently have I renewed my acquaintance with the library, after years of buying the books that I wanted to read. I have discovered the pleasure of browsing the shelves for books to borrow and read, rather than turning my home into what appears to be a disorganised book warehouse. It is something I hadn’t done since I was studying and, even then, it was a chore rather than a pleasure.
Ebooks are great. Their ability to be downloaded onto mobile readers offer a great deal of convenience and a number of different options. However, I’m still more captivated with hard copies. This feeling extends to more than books as I also prefer to get the Sunday newspaper so that I can spread it out in front of me rather than reading it online. While I still see many people with books and newspapers, I saw a woman on the train with a Kindle for the first time just a short time ago—I’m glad to know that I don’t stand alone. Wile technology is fantastic, I’m still looking forward to Art of the Written Word in good old paperback.

Shermaine Williams

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Lisabet Sarai said...

What a beautiful cover, Shermaine!

I still enjoy reading a physical book more than an ebook. I suppose it's just because I'm so old, but books are indeed works of art, to my mind.