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Across the Continental Divide...

Wow... I think it's been a few months since I've been able to make a post. I could give you all a bunch of excuses, but in the end, that's all they are. However, I'm here now and have some photos I'd love to share with you.

Part of the reason I've been absent is that I decided to participate in a rather extreme mountain biking race this year. It's called the TransRockies and it's a seven-day event that has you riding from Fernie, British Columbia to Canmore, Alberta. It consisted of over 500 km of riding distance and nearly 17 000 meters of vertical climbing. And for those of you who aren't sure how high that is, let me tell you, it's incredibly high... like about 11 000 feet high.

Anyway, it was a once in a lifetime experience that definitely taught me a few things about myself... mostly that I really don't like pushing my bike up the side of a mountain... but also that sheer mental will can achieve anything. Here are some pics from the route...

This is what the landscape looks like around Fernie... we spent three days there. The temperature hovered in the low 30's... that's around 90 for you American folk. As you can see, the trails are a mixture of deep forest and open logging type roads.

The one above and the rest below are all in Alberta. The mountains were just imagine pushing your bike up all of those. Okay, so the top riders road some of it, but even they had to carry or push... mind you they ran, lol. Still, seven hours on the bike is a long time when you covering these kind of distances and climbing these heights.

This is the highest point on all seven days. It's at the top of a range near Canmore, Alberta. I remember trying not to think about how high I had to climb but just how awesome the view would be... and it was.

But despite the weather—searing heat in Fernie, thunderstorms and golf-ball sized hail in Alberta—it was one of the best adventures I've ever had. The scenery was breathtaking and the people were fantastic. And while I question if I would want to try it again, I know deep down that I'd jump at the chance.

I hope you enjoyed a quick peek at my summer vacation:) See you all next month.

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Ranae Rose said...

Wow, what an adventure! I'm so bad at riding a bike, I'd probably have killed myself if I'd attempted it. lol