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Exciting month! by Lily Harlem

September has been an awesome month for me at Total-E-Bound.

It started off on the 5th with the release of The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita, part of the new Bollywood collection.

Then on the 12th, my story, Orchestrating Manoeuvres was included in the fabulous, newly released, Treble Anthology.

And to top it all off, I've just contracted my first co-author full length novel, written with the wonderful and incredibly talented Natalie Dae.

When I met Natalie last year we hit it off instantly, and just couldn't contain our excited chatter about all things erotic romance. We crit read a couple of one another's book then decided to have a go at writing together. It was enormous fun as our brains seemed to go down the same sexy route. The result is...wait for it... That Filthy Book. Keep an eye out for its release, right here, at Total-E-Bound - 2nd April 2012 for the e-book, print date to be confirmed.

As is often the case when I have had a lot of excitement I start baking. Here are the cupcakes I made - *wink*

Then after I'd munched my way through them, I went to the beach for a little celebratory exercise...

I then came home and made some seriously hot cocktails...

And waited for Mr H to finish his day at the office...

Have a fun whatever you're up to.

Lily x


Rachel Randall said...

Those are some pretty special cupcakes!

Very excited about your release with Natalie! Sounds like loads of fun :)

Lily said...

HI Rachel

I know, who would have thought baking could be so naughty!!

Yes, I am excited about my book with Natalie too, we really bounced off one another's imagination. It was a complete blast to write :-)

Lily x