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A great review is better than an apple

In the spirit of Jude's post from yesterday, I'm going to take the opportunity here to "toot my own horn".

Earlier this week, I got a fantastic review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. I've posted the entire review on my blog here, if you're interested in reading it. I actually got goosebumps and a little teary-eyed as I read the glowing words of praise for my little story, Aboard Pleasure. I'm still walking a few inches off the ground as I think about it.

I've been published for just over two years now - releasing a couple of books a year. I don't do a lot of promo, and I'm not well known to the masses of readers out there. I'm at the point that a bad review wouldn't make me stop writing, but receiving such praise from a reviewer has energized me to keep going.

Writing is a solitary endeavor, with not many job perks, and very rare moments of recognition for a job well done. I'm going to hold on tight to this one recognition until the next one comes along.

Could be a while, I better laminate it.

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